1) What is the difference between the Pool Boy® reels?

The only difference between the POOL BOY® I and the POOL BOY® II is the stands. They use the same motor, same transformer, same remote control etc. The POOL BOY® I is made from high strength aluminum and has adjustable height and the POOL BOY® II is made from high strength aluminum and is not adjustable. The POOL BOY® III uses the same stands as the POOL BOY® II but is battery powered instead of electric powered. Please see our product pages for more information.

2) What is the largest size pool the Pool Boy® systems can fit?

The Pool Boy® systems have been tested and approved for pools that are 20′ feet wide. Our testing has approved the products for rectangular pools as large as 20′ X 40′.

3) Can the Pool Boy® systems be used on free form or irregular shaped pools?

Pool Boy® reels were designed for rectangular pools and that is what they work best on. We have had customers use reels on different shapes. Sometimes they have to flip the edges of the covers or cut them so that not all of their pool is covered. If you have used a solar cover and reel in the past, then a Pool Boy® would work as well.

4) Does the cover come with the Pool Boy® systems?

No, you can use your existing solar blanket.

5) How do you attach the cover to the Pool Boy® reel systems?

You attach your cover the same way you would to a standard manual reel system.

6) Do the Pool Boy® systems come with any warranty?

Yes, there is a 3 year warranty based on the retail purchase of the system.

7) Do I have to have a special outlet to plug the Pool Boy® systems into?

No, Pool Boy I and Pool Boy II plugs into a standard GFCI protected outlet. Pool Boy III is battery powered.

8) Do the Pool Boy® systems only uncover the pool?

No, the Pool Boy® systems are bi-directional, they extend and retract.

9) How does the cover extend over the pool?

The motor does all the work for you by unwinding the cover from the reel. There is a tether kit that can be attached to the end of the cover so one person can easily guide it across the water. Please watch the demonstration video on our support page to see the ease of operation.

10) Will Pool Boy® be able to fit under my diving board?

It will depend on the size of the pool, the thickness of the cover and the height of the diving board. As an example – One of our employees has a 12 mil cover on his 18 x 36 pool. When the cover is all the way retracted and wrapped around the tube it is 12 1/2″ from top to bottom. His diving board is 15″ above the deck and he has his Pool Boy® stands set at the middle setting and it is hanging over the water (as it is in our ) demonstration video. (click here) He has 2 1/2″ of clearance from the top of the cover and the diving board.

Click here for a drawing.

11) Do the Pool Boy® systems stands have to be secured to the deck?

The Pool Boy® systems do not need to be secured to the deck. They come standard with non-skid pads to help keep the stands in place. There are holes available if you choose to permanently mount the system to your deck. If you choose to do this, please check your local electrical codes to determine the necessary procedure for doing so.

12) How many times a pool can be covered and uncovered on a charge with the Pool Boy III® system?

It depends on a few items- the size of the pool, the thickness of the cover and how often it is used. The testing we did was on an 18×36 pool with a 12 mil cover. We were able to get about 30 extensions and 30 retractions before we had to recharge the battery. So, if you use it once a day you should be able to get about a month’s use out of it.

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