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Pool Boy® II Powered Reel System

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Each upright is fabricated from high strength aluminum and is power coated to protect against corrosion.  The height from the deck to the center of the hub is 7 1/2″.

This system includes the reel system with fixed height stands, stand covers, 110 to 12v transformer, 40′ power cord, remote control, tube kit (fits up to 20′ wide pool) and a tether kit.

Product Dimensions- POOL BOY ® II


~Plugs into a standard GFI protected outlet

~Doesn’t need to be permanently mounted

~Tracks are not needed

~Use your existing solar blanket and straps


The POOL BOY® motor does all the work for you by winding and unwinding the cover from the reel. The tether kit attaches to the end of the cover allowing you to easily guide it across the water. The remote control makes it easy for one person to operate and works both in extension and retraction